Is your shoe too tight or a little too small - We stretch all types of shoes


Love you Heels and the heel tip has worn down?
Let us help you we will pop new Ladies heel tips on.
Tips for your tips: 
Please to so before it starts to wear the main heel itself and that is not so easy to repair or look like new.


If your heel has come apart we can assit with this too, for a Complete sole we can assit.
This procudure require a 50% deposit and takes approxiately 2 weeks.
Ask us for more info regarding this.

If your shoe is wearing through we can assit with sticker soles, this takes a day or two. 
Come in we will assit you with your favour comfortable shoes.

We stock Topy Heels

We stock the full range of PLUSH products

Such as Plush Takkie Polish, Liquid Polish, Shoe Creams, Suede & Nubuck Renew
Leather Renew, Shoe Cleaning Products, Leather Dye, Brushes

Come to Eldowier Dry Cleaners in Centurion

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